"Add-A-Bike" Carrier Review

I have owned an "Add-A-Bike" carrier for 1 year now and thought I would share my opinion since I haven't seen it mentioned much here.

I'll keep this short and simple. I love my carrier and so does everyone who sees it. I can load my bike in 30 seconds and unload it in 10. No tiedowns are needed! Just one stabilizer bar puts slight pressure down on the seat hardly compressing the shocks at all yet is sufficient to hold the bike securley even when carrying it off road! Mine came with optional straps to secure the tires onto the ramp but I have found that they are completely unnecessary. I do use them when carrying off road just for a little extra reassurrance.

Here is one tip I'll share for easier loading. Since I am on the light side I found it easiest to load the bike, hold it in place with the bar (keep the bar on the pole reversed so it is waitng for you to use), then climb between the truck and the bike up onto the bike and bounce a couple of times to help compress it a little. The pin in the first or second hole from the top should be sufficient.

If you own a S.U.V. it is a convienant and simple alternative to buying a trailer or pick-up. And I especially appreciate being able to keep all my gear and tools locked securely in the back of my Forerunner.

I've been using my Add-A-Bike on the back of a 2000 Grand Cherokee for about two years now. I wouldn't trade it for the world. i might trade it for a new YZ250F though. :naughty:

Pocono, where did you get it and how much was it? I was looking at the one that Cabellas has listed on their website but I was not sure if it was a good one to get.

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