MiniDV Camcorder question

I have been wanting to get a helmet cam and a MiniDV Camcorder for quite some time but I want a MiniDV Camcorder that is LANC capable. The lowest priced one that I saw was a Canon ZR25 mc for $125 at What is the cheapest MiniDV Camcorder that is LANC capable that you would recommend.

I am just getting started in the whole helmet cam thing and I decided not to go cheap but I did follow wolf_childs advice and bought the products he recommended except for my camera which was $525 including tax and I have about 8 bills invested, if you can get a camera for $125.00 that is Lanc capable and you has a fire wire plug for video editing then go for it.

you will need a host of other stuff that all ads up to an additional $250.00 so go ahead and get the camera as long as it works.


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