Buffalo Range April 24

Hey all. I will be at Buffalo Range this sunday the 24. I guess its a big group of us. My uncle on the crf, me on the cr, a buddy on the ktm 400, kdx, and some others who r supposed to be bad asses that know the terrain like it was their bathroom. Peace

I got a flat tire. If all goes bad can i get it changed there or somewhere near?? I popped a tube last week installing it. I dont have tire irons so i guess it was expected. thanks.


Have fun bro, you can get the tire changed at the local bike shop, called RCR Kawasaki, which I believe is in Oglesby. They might be closed sunday though... not sure about that. I would join you at BR but I have a family party to attend... hehe :naughty:

well dude duty calls. got to keep the fam happy so u can enjoy urself everyonce in a while right!! have fun

Hey drz250vid how do U like your CR...... is it woodsified or strictly track???

How was BR today "O" hope you had a good time. :naughty:

I know its too late now, but Sam (the guy who works on the track and trails at Buffalo) told me last time I talked to him that he has been doing small work like changing tires and stuff at their new shop where you sign in.

If not there, the guys at RCR Kawasaki here in Oglesby can usually get you in and out pretty quick if they're not too busy in the shop :naughty:

Hey Matt, what are the hours of that shop? Do they open at noon like the riding area?

Why :naughty::naughty:

Because I would like to go there, and I hate when the doors are locked and I have to break in.

Really :naughty::naughty:

Well, yes. Sort of.

Kinda like me when the beer store is closed :naughty:

I love the CR. I just bought the bike and it is track. All I did so far is put on my barkbusters/handsavers. Bike is so powerful. I climbed every hill i tried at buffalo.

Hey drz250vid how do U like your CR...... is it woodsified or strictly track???

I would imagine so, yes. So now you feel my pain, right?

I completely understand now ........yes :naughty:

Man Buffalo was awesome!!!! We had four guys total. We hooked up with this dude who was there. He rode a woodsified 99 kx 250; black excell rims, large tank. This dude was BAD! He was so fast and rode so good. We stuck with him the whole day. I saw parts of buffalo i never saw before and climbed some pretty sick hills. VERTICLE! One guy on a KDX poped the clutch while double clutching up that hill and wheelied backwords. He fell. So i learned a lot from this guy. He has been riding for 37 years. He is an A rider in the 40 + class now i guess. Does not do AMA though. 3 place taker a few years back. Anywasy man it was good. There is a race there this sunday! Anyone going?

Glad ya had a good time :naughty:

There is a race there this sunday! Anyone going?

a race at BR? :D:naughty::naughty:

yea it is not ama. some other circuit. c class gonna be like an hour i heard. gonna do offroad and some of the mx track with the race.

"O", did you sell your DRZ yet? Are you going to race Sunday?

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