PD30 Track Testing!!

I finally got a chance to test the new carb at the track.

I am VERY pleasaed. Power increased EVERYWHERE. Top end Over-rev is about another 1000 rpm. It soulds like it pulls all the way to 11k.

I had to install a REV Box to realize this because the 30mm carb allowed me to bounce off the rev limiter mush easier than the stock carb.

In 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear, she just rips out of the corners (13/35 gearing). She wont pull a third gear wheelie yet, but 2nd gear throttle induced wheelies and grabbing 3rd in the air is a breeze!!

My shifts per lap are now about half of what they were with the stock carb.

I am still about 30 HP shy of being competitive, but I was also racing against CRF450's and KTM 525's.

I love it when tight SM tracks lower the HP advantage of the big bikes!! :naughty:

Now all I need is my rear shock!!!! Then I can keep the rear planted better when backing it in!!!

I love late braking!!!!!

In 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear, she just rips out of the corners (13/35 gearing)

Typo right? Bonneville LSR maybe? :naughty: ....Karl

heh heh



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