Trails at Buffalo

I go to Buffalo every other weekend or so and usually ride the track because I don't want to get lost on the trails. I rode them once with a few guys and it was a blast--I'd really like to go again. anyone here willing to let me tag along? If a "10" is pro and "1" is your 5yr old little sister I am probably a "6.5".

Anytime brotha...........just watch the posts and chime in :naughty:

I have ridden them many times .......i bought a topo map to get a sense of direction. It helps to go with someone who knows. First time about five years ago I got lost with another guy on a 90 degree day.....bikes boiling over and stuff not fun.

just watch the posts to see when everyone is going and where we will be parked. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier :naughty:

Your more than welcome Buckeye, like everyone said just watch the posts and hook-up with some of the guys here in the Midwest site. I usually do Fridays in the afternoon. See yah there sometime :naughty::naughty:

But dont forget we are evil here....... :naughty: .........sooooooo be careful.....very careful :naughty:

Who's evil, not me I'm a very friendly guy, I love everyone. :naughty::D:D:naughty:

If they mention Billy Goat hill, let smudge go first...

:D:D:D:D:D:cry: -----Follow Me :naughty::naughty:

In Smudge we trust.

Seriously, I will be there the next time you guys go and it is WARM. What is happening here?? I thought it was spring!! :naughty:

Yes we always let smudge go first he likes to get himself in a pickle.......................or is it he likes to get pickled :naughty::naughty:

Dang!!!! I cant remember :D:D

Both----------- you 450X ripping------monster you :naughty:

Kev what's up with the BR Auto Clutch installation fest? Are yah gona order tomorrow ? What was the price from KTM265?---------I want to know. Make a new thread on this would yah

Kev, KEV!!! Ok smudge, I made a new one.

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