what is your occupation?

I am curious to see what everyone else does for a living. I sell employee benefits to small/midsize businesses.

im an engineer of all trades for a small yet rapidly expanding company

Toyota master tech

Ed. BSEE, Occupation - Process Controls Engineer... :naughty:

Toyota master tech

ToyotaGuru-- I have an '02 4x4 Taco. Absolutely love it. The only problem is I just drove a friend's TRD-pimped Ivan Stewart Edition Tundra. :naughty:

Now I NEED the TRD supercharger!! :naughty:

Parts Sales and Service at D&J Motorsports in Omaha. A Victory, Husqvarna, and Arctic Cat ATV dealer

operations manager for an Architectural/design build firm, Went to school to be an Architect but just have not taken the 9 test exam yet. I have all my internship done :naughty: just need to take the exams :naughty:

Sales, service and parts guy, at a small Arctic Cat and Cobra dealer. I used to like it, but now I'm getting pretty burned out.

New residential plumber. :naughty:

Toyota Tech.

Airline pilot, but wish I was a professional MX racer.................!

school................lol and i do ranch hand type stuff for splatter paint ranch in omaha and i do lots of the same stuff out at my uncle's farm in crescent

Marketing/Brand manager for a major motorcycle parts distributor. :naughty:

acura technician, honda is a very good company, i checked out some of the bike repair videos while at school because they are right next to the car vids

Working in Building Materials (lumber) at Menards :naughty:

My other job is trying to find a job in the marketing/advertising/public relations field :D

Hey Bultaco, who exactly do you work for and what does it all entail? :naughty:

lab tech for USG

Nuclear Machinist/Mechanic

Reactor coolant pumps are big


Parts Manager @ A Chevrolet Dealership

Real Estate investment and management, not the retail end.

Well, I started off as a Combat Blimp mechanic.... then I was appointed Chief Executive to the Social Commettie.... Now I work in IT for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange :naughty:

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