DRZ making noise, what to do?

So, I fell on my bike awhile ago, which happened to punture a hole in my clutch cover, (yes, I know I should have bought CFC'c first!) I was at a freinds house and had him drive me to the store to buy "quick steel", This stuff is amazing, I carry it every where now, I made the repair to the cover, And started the bike and it sounded perfect, I rode it for 300 miles after the repair , with no change in sound or performance, I rode my bike yesterday and there is a sound coming from inside the clutch side housing. not when I'm off the thottle only when I use the gas It makes a pretty bad noise , like fast grinding!! I stopped riding the bike , And I'm going to remove the clutch side housing to inspect for damage. Any tips on how to remove the cover, I already have the 10mm allen wrench is there any other special tools? What is worst case snenario for this situation, (buy a new clutch?) If I did destroy the clutch do you think it might damage the engine also, engine performance is the same, as well as the sound of the engine at idle not in gear, only can hear the sound in gear on the gas,,,please help!! :naughty:

Don't know about yours but my clutch cover is held on by 6 8mm head M6 bolts. Undo these and the cover will come off. It has a rubber O ring so you don't need to replace a gasket. If you lay the bike on its left side you won't lose any oil when you take the cover off. The I'd have a look for any signs of scoring or rubbibng inside the clutch housing. When you rplace the cover you can hold the O ring in its groove with a little bit of grease. Other wise it my fall out and become pinched between the cover and the engine case.

Good Luck.

Did you take the cover off to repair it? Therefore making sure that there was no pieces of it left in there? If not there is a good chance that you have something floating around in there. I would personally be inclined at this point to pull the right side cover off as well just to check and make sure there isn't anything in there that shouldn't be.

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