AHH Clutch problem! HELP!

I'm working on this old 85 rm250 thumper and I think there is a big problem with the clutch. When I pull in the clutch the rear wheel wouldn't move when in gear. Also when I went to kick start it the bike moved forward when in first while I had the clutch pulled. I figured the clutch was just loose. When I tightened up the clutch cable and pulled in the clutch lever there was a loud click and the cable went slack. I tighted it up again and pulled in the clutch lever and again it made that noise and went slack. :naughty:

The bracket that connects the clutch cable to the clutch pin is fine and I can pull it forward by hand a little and it does return to place. Does my clutch have to be rebuilt? Any ideas of what may be wrong. I have the right side case off and I'm considering removing the clutch and checking it out but I don't have then manual for this bike yet "it's on order and should be here next week". Any links on removing and installing a clutch I guess would be great unless there is an easier fix.

The RM 250 is a thumper????? Wow, this whole time I thought it was a two-smoke. This is news to me dude, thanks for the clarification

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