older alternative to super sherpa?

I am seaching for a less expensive version of the super sherpa from another manufacturer..will be commuting 60 miles a day to my cottage in eastern ontario 70% hiway 30% dirt roads...trader.ca is my database source.I am 53 5foot9 175lbs..beginner ..thanks in advance

Welcome to TT. IMHO a 250 is too small for that kinda commuting. Having said that, have you looked at the KLR250? Yammi also makes a small dualsport, I think it's a XT225 or something like that. And if you really want to get small and cheap, up until 5 or 6 years ago Kawi made a KE100. If you go back 15 years or so you could look at Honda's 250 dualsports, the XR250L and the XL250. I have one of those and it runs great. But I still wouldn't commute 60 miles on it.

I guess commuting 60 miles wouldn't be so bad if you mean it's 30 each way, and a lot of the roads are lower speed back roads and not highway miles. I'd then say a 350 is minimum for highway. A 250 might be good for about 15 miles highway. It's all about comfort and not stressing the engine. They KLR250 might be an okay choice due to the liquid cooling, but if I were you, check out an older XT350.

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