Road Legal 426 Supermoto'ed

Hey guys here are a few pics of my bike at the moment, still a few things to do to it, like replace the way long front fender with a short Supermoto one.

Also will be fitting Acerbis hand guards in the next few days. Also just passed road worthiness test :naughty::naughty::cry:

Bike Pic 1

Bike Pic 2


Any suggestions on additional mods would be great...

Here is what i have done so far.

Hotcam exhaust cam (best mod by far)

L38 Lighting Coil

Lighting, Brake light, twin headlights and tail lights.

TrailTech Computer and Kickstand

Thanks for everyone for their help with this. :D:D:D


how did you get it road legal

isn't there a "notification" that says its for off-road use only?

i want to do the same kind of thing to mine but im havin that problem

maybe it's cause i live in the US

Yeah on the exhaust it is stamped NOT FOR ROAD USE, I just stuck a HotCam sticker over it. The guy who did the test here was in a bit of a hurry :naughty:

Normally they are quite difficult to get registered here in the UK as well....


really sweet looking man !!

Nice and clean, all you need now is SM wheels :naughty:

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