Fourth & & out 2001 YZ 426

I gota tear it down :naughty: my guess is that the some of the teeth on 4 & 5 are missin....or shift forks :D

Anything else it could be ??? Will i need speciality tools to split the cases, or put them back together :naughty:

Thanks for your help :D

i think it is highly unlikely that your gears are missing teeth, but the dogs may very well be rounded off, while the motor is apart, put new shift forks in, even if they look fine. you shouldn' t need any special tools to split the case.

Splitting the cases wouldn't be a problem in terms of tools needed......i'm wondering if i need any special tools to get that far :naughty:

She keeps slippin/skippin in fourth & fifth as if the gears were shagged up.

I realize that it could be the shift drum.

Is there anything else that it might be,,,,,,,,,might save be the trouble of a total tear down :naughty:

Thanks alot :D

The drum won't be involved. Your problem will be with the condition of the locking dogs on the sides of the gears that engage 4th and 5th. They will be rounded, and the undercut is gone. Both gears in any such set that lock to each other must be replaced. The forks that shift 4th and 5th will also probably be bent. A shift fork normally only wears at the two ends. any fork that shows wear at the center point between the tips is bent and must be replaced.

I had the same problem with fifth gear on my bike. I think I wore it out from all the ice racing I did when I was wide open in fifth all day. When I took it apart, I had to replace third and fith gear as well as the shift fork. The fork was bent pretty good. As for special tools you will need, I would suggest having a good torque wrench on hand. :naughty:

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