POLL: new tire... new tube?

you are putting on a new tire.

do you throw away the old tube even though it holds air, or do you reuse it for another go?

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

I always use heavy duty tubes. I don't replace them unless they don't hold air anymore.

I always replace 'em. While I'm in there, why not? It's cheap insurance.

I use H.D tubes and never change them just clean them and coat them with baby powder,why change them if they still hold air :naughty:

If I used tubes I would replace. I now use Tire Balls.

I install Moose heavy duty tubes when I buy a bike and inspect them everytime I change a tire. Typically I get two years out of a tube.

only change the tube if it has a hole in it

what are the alternatives to tubes.. ive heard of foam inserts that replace the tubes but they were like 120 a piece :naughty: anything else that replaces the tubes that isnt so expensive :naughty:

I reuse the stock tubes once since they are brand new when I put the first set of sand tires on. 2nd set of 773s get new tubes. After that I sell the bike. By the way, I use the cheapest tubes because those heavy tubes feel like putting a flywheel weight on my bike.

I think the tube in my rear wheel is over a year old. The tire certainly isn't. I don't see a reason to change them. I can't think when a tube ever failed me unless it was encouraged to do so some "outside agent".

I run the Michelin heavy duty tubes. I won't change them unless there's a hole in it....I really don't see any reason to. The tube is there to hold air, why replace it if it's still doing its job?

If you get a flat with a heavy duty tube it is probably because you ran to low of tire pressure. But if you do get a flat, put a patch on it. But put it on right. I started doing this after I realized that my patches never leaked. I would just get a whole somewhere else in the tube. So, I reuse them alot.

I always use heavy duty tubes. I don't replace them unless they don't hold air anymore.

me too

I look at it as cheap insurance. I'd rather spend $15 then risk bending my rim all up in the middle of nowhere in the mountains.

I use the old tube and just coat it with baby powder

i would replace the tire but keep the old tube if it still holds air just incase your out and the new one goes you will have a back up.

Ditto other comments re H.D. tubes - run them front and rear.

I carry the originals in my backpack as spares (usually for other riders!!!)

buy a new one, and keep the old one as a spare

buy a new one, and keep the old one as a spare

that's what i do, you can never have enough spare tubes. just wait for the time when you have to change one in a hurry and pinch 1 or 2 or 3.... :)

haha exactly

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