How much oil for my TTR 125??

I have a 05 TTR 125 and have not got the service manual from the dealer yet. What is the oil capisity?? Thanks

It is 1.06 quarts. At least that is what my manual says.

easiest bike in the world to change oil. Warm it up, drain it, dump a flat quart in it and you should be good to go. Just make sure to check just in case.

yep.. my 04 manuel says 1.06 quarts. but i don't worry about the .06. i just put i quart in and let whatever didn't drain out be the .06. has ended up being perfect every time :naughty:

I agree just putting one quart into mine usually fills it right up full.

1 full quart and i just put a drop of extra.. (you don't have to but what the hay?)

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