new bike pics drz supermoto

2005_0422Image0007.JPG [/img] 2005_0422Image0013.JPG [/img] 2005_0422Image0006.JPG [/img] 2005_0422Image0004.JPG [/img] This is a really fun bike to ride. Handles like a dream. I have only got my exhaust and handle bars done so far. More to come.

guess i will just reply here, since ya got quite a few replies from the zooki forum :naughty:

replace that TV tail light immediately!! :naughty::D :D

Exhaust and handle bars only?? I see a DynoJet Sticker on there.

Really nice bike!!!

It's a great lookin' bike - don't ruin it with too many stickers.

How do you like the Yoshi exhaust??? Do anything for power? How is the noise compared to stock??

Nice bike !!!!

The pipe plus jetting made a huge difference. Lots of power and torque now. Compared to stock the pipe is freaking loud. Plus on monday i am going to order new TAIL LIGHT.

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