Help needed with pricing!!!Thanks

Might regret this...oh well

I have a 2004 WR450 (no engine) with less than 150 miles on it, everything is like new. Probably going to part it out. No engine, but DO have Carb/Cdi/Wiring, EVERYTHING...but the engine. Wanted to ask your advice on pricing at least for the big stuff...

Both wheels with like new tires (thinking about leaving rotor and sprocket on..??)

Front fork assembly



All Plastics


Swing arm

Rear shock

Handle Bars

Throttle assembly


CDI/Complete wiring, kill/starter etc.

Front and Rear Calipers


Brake and clutch levers

Both master cylinders...

This is getting old...add big stuff I missed

Stock muffler

Also have an FMF Titanium muffler...around $150?

So basically the whole bike...except it will only run DOWN HILL :naughty:

I figure I'll post on some of the forums (if you could name the big ones) and theres always ebay...figured I'd be better on the part out and not trying to sell it complete. So anyway, please respond with what you think I should be asking for this stuff...

BTW: The motor is now turbo'd with a 20mm restrictor (in a 300lb formula car) making about 60hp and an arss load of torque. You guys should be proud.

Thanks for your help...I'll put a TT sticker on the car for some good advice..

Where The Hell Is My Damn Gun?

Put It On Ebay!!!!!!!!

Please spare us the details...........

Cool thanks...I've gotten a lot of helpful feedback from other forums...figured more of the same here. Was just looking for some advice.

Ebay sure...I'll just throw it up there so someone can get a $200 piece for $50. You guys were just a little bit of pre auction research.

Some people like the details...and like to see different things done with the their equipment. They'd actaully think its cool about the turbo motor going in a car...

If you don't have the few minutes to give your opinion on a part or two thats totally cool...I didn't plan on getting a big response...but no need for the remarks...did it really bother that much that I asked? Couldn't you have just not responded? Thanks a bunch...

Go to Ebay to get an idea on pricing.

Other than that go to the classified section of TT. You can sell it all on here if the price is right. You need to decide what is right for you.

Wish you luck.

Cool, thanks

Should be easy to sell. Some one may take it all!!

I've gotten a couple people saying to just try and sell it all at once first. It'll be a lot less work thats for sure.

I'd be interested in the wheels and tires, drop me a line and we can talk price. My email is

I need a front fender.

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