am i to lean??

hey guys, i got a question, if my header is like a blueish purple color am i running to lean, all it has done to it is a "twin air" air filter.



Your header color has nothing to do with being able to tell if your bike is lean or not ,pull the plug and check the color,sooty black=to rich,grayish white =too lean,i think it should be a brown sure to check your manual to be certain.also how does your bike run, does it rev but not pull? then,could be a lean condition be sure to check for threads on this topic ,probably lots

no b/c i have quads too, and i was on an atv forum the other day and someone mentioned a blue header, and said he was running lean, well my yzf's header is but anyways, i will check the plug, i dont think it is running lean at all, it does show any signs of being lean or to rich.. but again i will check the plug...


your header is made of titanium thats the color it turns...

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