Flatland 450X Radiator Guards & Skid Plate

I just got done installing my Flatland skid plate and radiator guards/braces. very easy install. Sano looking units. The only downside is the trimming of excess plastic on the inside of the shrouds to make them fit correctly. Once they're on, nothing is gonna screw up your radiators though!

Skid plate has nice coverage and goes on unbelieveably easy. Took maybe 10 minutes.

I paid $167 for the set including shipping, and you get a free t-shirt with the order of both.

You may be able to save a little at cyclebuys , but hey, no free t-shirt. It always cracks me up when they give you a "free" $4 t-shirt after spending $167!! :naughty:

:naughty: I installed mine yesterday. Very nice set of Flatland Braces and skid plate. You cant go wrong with this set. :naughty:

I agree. Great products, easy instal. Can't go wrong!

Does anyone have pictures of the flatland radiator guards, specifically the left side? Are they 1 or 2 piece?

It's a 1 piece unit on both sides.

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