Glen Helen 250 testing (team yamaha ..)-->cool video

Oh my good god, these guys are soooooo fast! Really nice vid! Thanks. I enjoyed much :naughty:

nice vid :naughty: and ya they are really fast. from what you can see in the vid that track looks like it would be fun. im gonna have 2 make a trip out there soon :naughty:

It must be weird being some random slow guy having DV or Ferry fly right around you like you're not even moving...

Cool video, wish there were tracks to ride around's woods or nothing!

Hey Skidmark I see you are from NH. Means you might be just an hour or two away from my place. We have a nice track here if you want to make a try :naughty: . I don't really ride as fast as the tester in this vid though... :naughty: so if you want to experiment the feeling Mx Eight Two just talked about, I can't help :D

Where are you precisely?

I hate the fact that when TT changed, they did not allow to include city in the location anymore. :D

WOW! There flying literally! thanks for posting that it made me realize how slow i am!

That was cool, thanks :naughty:

Nice vid! Thanks! :naughty:

IF you guys want to see this video and way more like it just go to

They add videos every thursday. And btw, it's an excellent website and also in my opinion the best motocross magazine out there.

it's nearly unbelievable how fast those guys take the corners. i would either fly off the berm or lowside like a big giant idiot.

How do they do that :D:naughty::naughty: If I was only half that fast !

I love there corners. They're so smooth and stuff. I wish i could corner like that, Yet i wish i could ride like that.

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