Racing Fuel Reccomendation

Could I run VP in my stock KX100? On the site it says to run leaded VP fuel in stock motocross bikes, but the manual for my bike says to run unleaded... ? Is race gas special? Can I run leaded anyways ? Im confused and I want to buy a can soon, help!

leaded fuel is going to make the bike run hotter, which is why the manual doesnt want you to run it. you can run it, but youll have to do pistons and rings way more often. vp is probably not going to help your bike much anyways. if you want the bike to run better go buy a v-force reed cage. best $129 i ever spent on my yz125.

Oh ok. Yeah I want to get that Vforce reed cage when i get the money. I guess I'll continue to run 93 pump and castor927

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