12 hours later the new CRF 450 Is Home

For those of you who know my kid, today is his 15th B.Day and we just got home with the new 05 CRF.

We dropped off his 250F in reno at 8:30n this morning, drove home through the snow to Berkeley Yamaha/Honda (The coolest dealer} purchase his new bike, slipped non his new Spark arrested pipe and now he is outside drooling over it :naughty: .

I hope we can get a couple hours to ride it tomorrow.

Bob, He want me to be sure and let you know he can start his bike first kick and you wont be disappointed. :naughty:

See ya all real soon.

Rich & Alex.

WOW a 450 at 15 - that is one lucky kid!! What I would do for a bike half that good at his age!! We used to ride my friends dads Maico 500 at that age though!! :naughty:

dp :naughty:

Happy Birthday Alex.....you lucky little sh_t.

helmet cam should be ready to roll by Monday, heres a test of a video, CLICK

his smile is a dead give away

Will you adopt me, my birthday is coming up.

Congrats, he should love it! I have an '05 and it's the best bike I've ever owned.

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