Can I make my DRZ-400s a kick start?

I was wondering if I could make my DRZ-400s a kick start instead of the electric start, meaning dropping the batt, and other assorted elec start crap, I want to make my bike as light as possible for trail rides,and dual cross events...thanks... :naughty:

I was thinking about installing a kick starter too.

Use the search feature with "kick","kicker","kickstarter" queries.

You will find a vast amount of posts about the installation of a kickstarter.

Many people (myself included) believe that the e-start helps though.

If you stall it in some tight trail, all you have to do is press the magic button. However, that is for you

to decide. The installation is pretty straight forward but you can of course have your mechanic/dealer to

do it if you don't want to do it yourself.

You can install a Kickstart, I know that much. The DRZ400E that I'm going to look at tomorrow has the kickstart installed. Probably a pain to change all the electrical but I'm sure it can be done.

do a search.....

You can add a kick starter to it but to make it a true kicker you need to replace several major parts like the generator/cover, crankshaft, and then add a cap in place of the battery.

I can almost guarantee you'd eventually miss the magic button if you removed it.

the kick starter would be better as a back up system.

Can't remember his name but there is a member who switched his to a kickstart only. I know there are gobs of posts about kickstarters, but if you wade through them you'll find his somewhere.

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