WR450F road-registerable in Maryland?

Hey, I'm new to the area :D (and country, only got in 3 days ago), so don't know the laws on whats registerable on the roads.

Can someone tell me if it is possible to register a WR450F for on the road in Maryland? :naughty:


PS: If anyone does any riding in the area I would like to tag along if possible... :naughty:

Where in Maryland do you live?


Yep. Seen it done to many bikes. I live in the Baltimore area.. what about you?

Yeah it can be done.A friend of mine has a KX500 with tags.High beam/low beam,horn,turn signals,baffled pipe,DOT tires,front/rear brakes,brake light,taillamp,tag light,chain guard and two mirrors.

Here's a link to the laws in Maryland regarding registration


As T.RexRacing states except turn signals are not required. I believe that if they're on the bike they must be in working order but you don't have to have them.

Thanks for that info.

I was talking to a dealer and he was telling me that becuase the bikes are classed as 'off-road' on their title (or something like that) that it was not possible to do. Whatever looks like it can be done.... thanks!

I am in Rockville MD.

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