3 mods for mellow desert riders

I’m old and slow, so you racer types can hit your back button now. This won’t interest you. :D

I did 3 things to my 250X that really transformed it for me. By riding style, I’m inbetween an XR and the CRF. But after riding a CRF there’s no going back.

First thing I did was the Rekluse clutch. That thing is just about a miracle in it’s own right. The bike won’t stall in tight stuff, it makes the throttle much easier to feather, and it transforms the motor into a strong pulling at low revs - don’t have to shift it nearly as much - pleasure. Yeah, you can play with the clutch lever yourself, but this does it better. (do a search and all you’ll find are rave reviews)

Next thing was taller gearing because 1st gear is too low. The Rekluse changes the character of the motor that much. My X came with 14 x 53 gearing, I changed to a Renthal 51. 1st gear is more useable, the motor revs less at any given speed, and it rides like the gearbox has a wider ratio. On the trail or open dirt roads, the motor runs easier and smoother. On loose technical climbs, 1st gear winds out over a broader speed range, which works much better.

And the 3rd thing is the engine noise. This motor rattles and clanks and sounds like it’s going to blow when you rev it. I replaced my aluminum skid plate with an E-Line carbon skid plate. The aluminum plate echo’s and magnifies the motor noise, the carbon stops that “kid scratching his fingernails on the blackboard” sound. The bike is much more fun to rev without all that clattering in your face. The skid plate made a way bigger difference than I ever imagined it could. Thank you Rick Ramsey for that sugguestion! :naughty:

These 3 things really changed the bike for me, now I don’t have any XR envy left. OK, maybe valve life? But with everything else going for it, the CRF250X is way too great to ever look back. :naughty::D:D

Scotts Stabilizer, and Cycra Pro Bends. :naughty:

Scotts Stabilizer, and Cycra Pro Bends. :naughty:

What are Cycra Pro Bends? :naughty:

and- I've never used a Stabilizer. My front wheel hooked a couple of times in the deep sand today and I turfed it. Do they help with that sort of madness?

I changed to a Renthal 51.

Good to hear the 51 is working out :naughty: . I just ran across mine in the garage today. BTW, did the stock chain fit?

I've been researching the Rekluse auto clutch. Sounds like a nice thing to have. How does it work on tight downhills where you need compression braking?

I've been researching the Rekluse auto clutch. Sounds like a nice thing to have. How does it work on tight downhills where you need compression braking?

The clutch engages based on engine rpm's. You tune it to how you want it to engage / hit. You can adjust it to catch at low rpm's, very quickly, or you can set it to where the motor has to rev more and it comes on softer. It can disengage on a downhill if you allow the motor to drop to idle, like locking up the rear wheel. It won't stall the engine, it will just disengage the clutch and the motor drops to idle. You just give the throttle a little blip and the clutch is engaged again and working like a normal clutch, good engine braking. It's not bad at all.

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