skid plates

i was wondering if there are any other types of skidplates for a 2005 ttr 125 l instead of a bbr or a moose i need help for a friend

I believe DG makes one, but i am guessing it is bc of the pricyness of the skidplates that you are looking for a different one. The BBR is the only way to go :naughty: It does a lot for the engine as well as the frame! Which is great bc the frame on the TTR 125 is pretty weak and off of jumps may crack, even on lil ones ther is a chance. Also, in the future, look into BBR front and rear shock springs to put on the bike! They work great! :naughty: Cody

Oops, didnt realize it was for your friend, just pass it on to him! :naughty: Since i directed all of the info to you.

thats fine i do alot of the work with him to do it cause its his first bike do u have pics of your bike if so can we c them

go to i believe they have some pictures on a frame cradle/skid plate made by bbr.. or go to if you just want to see a pic of just the cradle. i have one on my bike and know its saved my butt a few times. i threw up a huge rock the other day and it put a nasty dent in my frame cradle. i know if i didn't have that i would be buying new cases :naughty:

ps im saying frame cradle because thats what its called, but it doubles as a great skid plate :naughty:

i wish they had ones like the 2004 ttr225 has on them they are nice and heavy duty!!

u guys are alot of help thanks a;lot

Yeah you need the frame cradel because if you take it of any 'sweet' jumps you will crack it in half.. BBR frame cradel is the way to go!

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