Foes Racing $10,000 CRF50

I don't know if you guys have seen it yet, but I first saw it in "Transworld Motocross" the other day and figured I'd post it. It's a pretty trick bike, but no one has $10,000 for a 50 and if you did have $10,000 to put towards a 50, then... :naughty:

Click this link and then, when at the site, click "MOTORSPORTS"

:naughty: Thats is a nice bike :naughty:

:D:cry::D:D:D:D:p:p:D:D:D:D:busted::busted::busted::mad::mad::mad::lol::D:D:D:D:D:excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme::excuseme: :excuseme: :excuseme:

I personally know a couple guys with more than 10k in there 50's. One of my bikes is worth about 6k and the other 8k.

Im at about 5K into my 50.

great jetster great...

only 10g? thats cheap compared to the TBR 50 (actually 124) at 14g, and not even half the price of stewarts gold-plated klx (which is absolutely bad-ace

i would give my left nut for that bike...that thing is ridiculous, it better have a 124cc motor too!

Dont hate the playa, hate the game lol.

yeah it's a 124 bb

ive seen it at the track before... its rediculous, and not in a good way either. the proportions are way off, you can tell just by watching it that it has terrible handeling. its actually kinda funny to watch because its so rediculous looking...

That foes bike may be 10k but it looks rediculus. I dont understand people that take pitbikes/minis to such extremes. they basically built an under powered "big bike" that rolls on itty bitty wheels. That thing is stupid. I bet it handles like @$$ too.

lol what ya dont like the gold?! :naughty: lol i know if i had 25g id put it straight into gold on my bike so i could never ride it or even think about letting it get dusty (its already ugly lol) but im with keepin 50s AT 50cc...bigger carbs, better suspension, bars, seat, are all fine, but its a 50 for a reason, keep 49cc and 10" wheels on it all and things would be alot better

It's still just a 50...

no its not its a UNDER POWERED BIG BIKE!!! but sick!!

did anyone notice they spent all that money and have a little "big bike" without a skid plate? crazy!! u would think that would be nothing compared to the frame!! cheap bastards!! hehehehehe oh and how about that stand they are using!! cheap!!!!

Cool bike but it's :naughty: that they sped up the videos of it in action.


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