cheap ways to give your R more power?

looking for more power but dotn have $700 to throw down on a pipe. and suggestions

good jetting with VP U4 fuel...sort of pay as you go

This is the most inexpencive way to make your bike go fast.Turn throttle and go. :naughty:

haha yea i got that part honda 88 but when your riding with 450s you can always use a little more

Dr. D pipe is less than $400.00 and is just as quiet as the stock pipe. I,m happy

Dr. D pipe is less $400.00 and is just as quiet as the stock pipe. I,m happy

CHM SM1 is better than the Dr. D and still about $400 :naughty:

JMOHO though... :naughty:

Race gas VP U-4 cheapest, easiest, fastest way to get more horses. Be sure you open the throtle all the way you would be surprised how many people only use about 3/4 of the throttle. Be realistic a 450 has about 15-20 horses on you, enjoy the bike.

Look at the Boyesen "Quick Shot", JD jet kit, and ICAT. Then have someone help you set your clickers on suspension up for you. This should not cost more than about 370, great mods.


CHM are only better down low, the Dr.D is better up top

shift and twist

Forget the ICAT. Do the CC mods, install Dr. D and let her rip.

CHM are only better down low, the Dr.D is better up top

Wrong the CHM sm1 is the only pipe that i have dynoed that makes better mid range and considerably more top end power than any other pipe manufacture .where the majority of pipes add midrange and some top end usally less than 1 peak hp including the CHM ovate pipe ,the sm1 adds over 3 hp peak.

Dr. D and Quickshot. Alos, don't forget to check your fuel screw.

I would not install the Quick Shot. Waist of valuable $. If you are up against the 450's you wont have a shot downlow, which will mean you will be on top, which means you wont have any need for a Quick Shot. If you want pop down low get a 55 leak for 3 bucks. Look into a high performance cam, they are around $150.

PowerBlade for the carb ($99 or less). QuickShot for the carb ($85). Boyensen water pump kit ($135). Twin Air Backfire Powerflow air filter (so you can trash the brass screen) with billet cage ($100). Maybe an iCat ($200). Plus get one of the pipes available in stainless steel rather than ti or carbon fiber, as listed above for about $400.

It all works. It all adds oomph or improves carb action.

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