The FMF PCIV succeeded at the "neighboors test"

I live in a very quiet residential area close to Montreal.

Started the bike at 9h30 pm last week and gunned the throttle a couple of times while everything was quiet around.

Then I shut the bike and went to see two of my neighboors and they said they heard nothing... (Of course they were inside their house)

I guess that's it for sound testings. :naughty:

I am very happy with the FMF Power Core 4 with quiet core insert and sparky! :naughty:

What's funny is that I don't even have the insert... I bought the pipe used and freshly repacked. :naughty: I have the spark arrestor though.


Did you find that you lost much power with the quiet insert? I'm considering getting one, my PC4 is so loud I have worn ear plugs a few times. Maybe I just need to repack it better? I find it much louder than my old XR600 with a supertrapp with about a dozen discs in it.

You do lose a little power down low and up top but you can remove it in a couple of minutes with 3 bolts on the end cap. That way you get the best of both worlds depending on where you are riding. :naughty:

Congrat Math

You made 1000 post :D:naughty::naughty: .

You are a gold member :D

Hey math and Sylvain have you guys been riding yet? I have been out for a little tear around the outskirts of Cornwall, not many trails here. It was still pretty messy and not worth the hour cleaning of my bike. Limerick forest is supposed to open May 1st. You guys going to try and make there this year?

Congrat Math

You made 1000 post :naughty::D:D .

You are a gold member :naughty:

Yeah and I just saw I'm the first one in Quebec to do so.... strange considering I post an average 1 post a day. Sleeman is catching up at good spedd though. He is registered since the end of march and posting something like 11 posts a day :D n This post count thing is funny :cry:

Bam, no we haven't ridden yet but we will be riding next week-end at the FMSQ ride at Lac Taureau. Lot of mud as Sylvain describes it.

To come back on topic, I will probably buy the insert to ride the bike on the street (commute to work). It will be less annoying even for myself. :D

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