Cush lever problem

I am pulling my swing arm and cush lever (thats the linkage that the rear shock hooks to) so i can redo all the bearings. The problem is everything came apart fine except the bolt that holds the cush lever to the frame. The nut came off the end no problem and the bolt spins in place but i can not get the damn thing out. I put plenty of heat to it, I have tried using a punch to push it out but the location doesn't allow a good angle. I'm starting to think i'm going to have torch the bolt or worse the cush lever. anyone ever run into this problem before??

Bolt #10 is the one i'm talking about

In case anyone runs into the same problem. Bolt was rusted in place. Took two guys. One leaning against it to keep it from coming off the stand, the other to lay into the bolt w/a 3# sledge and good size punch. I got lucky, another rider i know had to hack saw off the bolt.

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