Qstns on 02 & 03 YZ250F

Got an 04 YZ250F couple months ago. Super bike. My 13 year old son has outgrown his CRF150 and after riding my YZF has decided his next bike has got to be a YZ250F.

He can only afford an 02 or 03. What kind of things should i look for in those model years. I've heard rumors like tough starting (hell, even my brand new one gets tempermental), and possibly crank problems on 02's???

Thanks for the help guys.


Thanks Wrooster. There's some good info there.


go with an 03. they went to the automatic decompression that year and they start just a good as the new ones.

Here in CA you may want to also consider that an '02 is a green sticker bike.

Where is a good place to find an 2002 yz250f in California? Because I have looked in cycletrader,craigslist.com, and the newspaper and I still can't find one in good condition.

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