05 TE-510 Carb jetting part II - JD's blue Needle

Ok swapped out my stock needle jetting mix to try JD's blue Needle today.


loved my stock jetting right from the show room floor. because I knew I had to re-jet even the stock setting for my normal ride areas of 4000 ft after one week of bike ownership, I Tried JD's red needle and his smaller jet sizes but was pretty disapointed. The bike lost power I thought in the mid range like it was too lean only pumping air. The 510 when it's running great runs like a sewing machine AND it also has this growl and power drive boost all thru the low, mid and top end. When the bike is running rich it gets muddy, but when its too lean in my experience it may run like a sewing machine nice and clean but it looses that signature power growl as you accerlerate and ....it just becomes a fancy air pumper in my view.

so I pulled out JD's red needle and jet mix, and worked the stock needle, simply raised the stock needle clip to 4th and down sized my jets till I got the right mix for 4000 ft 50-70 F which was

stock needle at 4th clip ( up one from TE stock 5th clip )

main jet at 180 down one from the stock 185

low speed jet at 50 down from the stock 55.

FS at 2 turns

that setting worked good and I could set the FS at 1.5 for higher elevations or temps until it got to be 5000 ft yesterday and 75F plus ( the first real warm day this spring) then the bike got muddy and boggy bad quick...so I thought ok time to plan for summer jetting, but before I adjust the stock stuff again, I thought now is the time to try JD's blue needle recomendations

Now the history here is after my red needle try, JD asked me to try his blue needle recomendations for the 3-6000 ft range and temps less then 60F.....see the blue needle is richer thru out the range. This made sense to me too as I was convinced that dropping the pilot jet and main jet on the 510 so far 185 to 172 and 55 to 45 I just felt that red needle jet mix made my bike lean clean sounding but gutless air pumper.

well today the temps dropped to 50-60, I was ta 4000 ft and with this blue needle set up

Blue needle at 3rd clip

45 pj


FS at 2.0 turns

The TE-510 was a Tigerrific sewing machine once again! :naughty: all thru the range, plenty of 510 growling power band and running smooth as silk, but this new mix has uncoverred a new clitch never seen before on my bike.

just as you touch the throttle from 0-5% there is a hesitation, a gurgle, bog whatever just as you start hitting the thorttle everytime this gurgle.not really a big bog more a choke like cough....I tried 1.5 turns and 2.5 turns neither helped both seemed to mess up the good thing after the 5% point on the throttle but neither movement of the FS cleaned up this slight hesitation burp as I touch the thorttle which can be a pain in choppy off road stuff where you are on and off the throttle....in the open stuff when shifting I kept up on the RPMs and the bike was running great.

darn could this JD blue needle mix be exposing some other issue that my stock needle mix covers over? or do I need just one more adjustment

or is it the squirt thing? too much squirt causing it to bog rich as i touch the throttle or is it the opposite this lean hesitation thing like my friend says? can the acclerator pump be adjusted, or if lean down low shall i try a 48 pj? I e- mailed James dean and will let you know his thoughts. anyone recognize my symptoms?

so close, yet still far.

JD e mialed me and suggested the red needle at 5th clip, now this is one clip higher richer then his kit recomendations for 3000-6000 feet. I liked his suggestion becasue I felt the TE-510 needs a bit more fuel then the TE-450 which his kit was dreived from, but that is my personal twisted thinking.

anyway that damne thing works great, its amazing how the blue needle worked so good but excpet for that slight hesitaion at 0-5% throttle which must have been a fuel rich bog because that hesitation is GONE now using the red needle

all things are GO, James Dean rocks the world

My setting now for 4000 ft 50-70F is

JD red needle 5th clip



2.0 turns on the FS.

- very happy with that.

:naughty: You're one bright monkey :naughty::D

G'day Bob. Its nice to get results.

Did you see my earlier post about where I was at with the 510 jetting. Here's the spec's anyway:

42 pilot

MS @ 2 turns out.

main at 175

Red JD needle at clip 4.

Float at about 1mm below level (leaner).

Did the BK mod and first set at 3.5 sec, then at 2 sec, then at 1 sec.

At 1 sec it occasionally flat spotted mainly after a heavy decel then a hard accel.

At 2 sec it feels good with crisp responce everywhere. Theres no noticeable performance difference between the above settings but is better than the standard 6-7 seconds squirt I had.

These spec's are used from sea level up to 900 metres and so far at temps between 12 - 35 degrees C.

A big thankyou to all the TT'rs that have supplied their FCR knowledge.

I found a different way to improve the carburation (which is very good stock imo)....

...i bolted on a Doma free flowing 'race' exhaust can. geez--that bike was fast, but now its absolutely absuredly fast.

Not for everyone-but the stock carb is now spot on. I wonder if Husky jets the FCR with the race bike specs but sell it with the enthusiast's very very plugged up can?

Anyway-thanks a lot for the info!

Big Bob--usually that hiccup at 0-1/8th throttle is the pumper putting out to much fuel. There are other reasons-vapor leak being one. Make sure the airfilter is sealed, and their arent any leaks around the intake manifold or filter houseing.

I'm glad I ride sea level to 4,000 feet and back down again at most. All these jetting chnages make me dizzy! LOL! Glad you guys got them fiqured out. Now, send your monies down and we can ride Baja and forget the jetting issues for one weekend. Steny :naughty:

Big Bob--usually that hiccup at 0-1/8th throttle is the pumper putting out to much fuel. .

Speaking of the pumper...has anyone tried that Boyesen Quickshot?

Thumpin along I had missed your earlier jetting post, thanks for the update.

that 0-1/8 bog was a blue needle/45 pilot jet issue for me at my elevation of 4000 ft and cold outside 50F, the red needle cleared that up. The blue needle is richer down low and thru the mid range.....I liked it very much after 1/8th throttle, may still try it with a 42 pilot eventually.

Well I thought I would toss some more info out there. I typically ride 100-2500 feet and 35-60 degrees and was using the stock jetting with the TC needle (richer) and was having excellent results with that setup. I did a race this last weekend in the high desert in Central Oregon and it was at 4000-6000 feet and 40-60 degrees. I ended up having to put the stock needle back in and that fixed the gurgle and soft power and allowed me to rock as usual. So now i know i can just swap out the two needles I have for the different elevation and restore the power. Cool.

also experimented with a one large main and it stopped the popping on off throttle but made it a little harder to start cold. Gave it slightly more over rev.

Oh 04 TE450 with a stock motor / exhaust.

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