Anybody running ASV's shorty lever on their clutch?

I can't pull the clutch in all the way with just two fingers on my 510. The lever hits my third finger before fully disengaging. I sawed off my lever and made it into a two finger lever but I'm looking at ASV shorty lever for the Magura clutch and I'm wondering if anybody already has the ASV lever and if so, what they think of it?

Buy a Rekluse and you won't have to worry about it! :naughty:

My Husky isn't a trail bike and I've already purchased a slipper clutch.



KTMs have a shorter magura clutch lever. I think it is 90mm pivot to ball end centre rather than the Husky 120mm. I have the same issue as you. Measurement taken from a 2000 (i think) 300 exc.



Let me know if you buy it and it works, okay?




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