Broke my arm yesterday.

My brother and I were out riding yesterday when I landed on the back of his bike. I was going up a jump while he was riding past it. Right when I got in the air we crossed paths. I hit the side of his 650r and my xr and I flipped over him. Im not sure I broke my arm when we hit or when I landed. At first I didnt think it was broke until my brother looked down and saw a lump in my forearm. After I looked it started to hurt. LOL But not as bad as I thought it would for being broke. Just weird hurting. Well since his back break lever broke he had to drive my bike back the half mile to my house to get Mom to pick me up and take me to the hospital. Once we got there we had to wait 2 hours before the doctors checked me out. :naughty: They just taped a clip board to my arm and made me wait. I was still in my gear and everything. They put a softcast on but monday I half to go get a hard cast put on so I have to miss school. :naughty: Oh well. Now just have to find something to do to past the time. Prob. got 6 or 8 weeks. Well Im just glad my bro didnt get hurt and I didnt break something like my wrist. So stay safe fellow riders. :D Anyone have any ideas what I can do with my one good arm to past the time. Thanks

Sorry to hear, that's a tough break! No pun intended. :naughty:

The younger you are the quicker you heal, I wouldn't expect it to take 8 wks. :naughty:

You'll be riding the 1st of June, hang in there, it'll still be a good summer.

On the bright side, you'll be able to spend a little extra time on TT now.

Yeah, just sucks typeing with one hand. I drink a lot of milk so hopefully thats going to cut down on recovery time.

sorry to hear that YG, get some calcium tablet to speed up the recovery!

i broke my collar bone before and i was told to wait at A&E, even small movement, i can feel the rubbing of bone on my shoulder.

rest well and heal completely before ya ride again.

speeedy recovery !!

Right now I just have a soft cast on and my arm can still move a little inside of it and ouch! when it does move. My fingers are really swollen too so they are hard to move. My brother broke his collar bone last year and I know what kinda pain that is. I would rather have a broken arm.

YoungGun - I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Isn't it amazing how long they can make you wait in emergency?! I wonder if the moto-gear has anything to do with it. Years ago a friend and I were at a practice track and he broke his arm so that the middle of his forearm had a 20 degree bend in it. It looked really sick. I drove him to the emergency room and we also waited for hours before a doctor took care of him. People in the waiting room would say "are you sure it's broken?", and he'd hold his arm up and they'd gasp! I've always wondered if our moto-gear had anything to do with our lack of prompt attention.

Meanwhile, MTX MotoTrax software can help give you a virtual fix. I'm glad you didn't get hurt even worse and I wish you a speedy recovery!

LOL that sux!! I know what you can do with that one good arm.. You can take a bucket of soapy water and a toothbrush and scrub your bike clean!!! lol well... i guess we aint gonna go riding in a while.. man i hope it dont take 8 weeks... geeze... hope to see you better soon youngun :naughty:

sorry lil dude...........get better soon :naughty:

Get well soon. You're going to go through withdrawl symptoms from not being able to ride. I guess your post count will benefit.

You'll get better soon. Just from posts it seems as though you have a good attitude about most things and that makes a big difference in recovery.

A couple tricks to getting a faster trip through ER is the ABC's, Airway, Breathing and Circulation.

If you seem like you can handle the pain and your doing fine they will take more important injuries first.

If the pain is so bad that you are "having troubles breathing" and "feeling light headed" then you may get moved up a little faster.

Anyway good luck and heal well.

Hang in there you will be back on your bike before you know it :naughty:

What really made me mad is that people were going before me who didnt really look like they had problems. These little kids that were running around the room got checked before I did. OMG if little Jhonny has a little cough dont take him to the ER. Soon as a nurse came and looked at me she was surpised that it was broke...soon as she saw it off I went into the little room and waited another 30 mins. Then today I had to stay home from school to keep my arm proped up and protected cause I have a soft cast..Now I dont get a hard cast till wednesday. Im also going to have a butt load of homework and we got a stupid end of course test that gets recored in your record so if you do bad youre screwed for life. Sorry to be a gripe. I just need to vent. Ive went out to the garage twice today to look at the bike. I did pick up the new dirtrider and dirtbike mags so Ive got those to keep me entertain. Thanks for all of you guys for all youve said. My post count has gone over 1,000 since my flipper broke. LOL

Sorry to hear you are injured. I can related.

Now use your head. Let your arm heal. That means typing with one hand, doing what the doctor tells you to do, wait until it is fully healed before riding again.

The benefit is your arm will heal faster. Your arm won't be as screwed up when you get older. Most of my current injury problems were started back when I was 19. At 48, I just finished blowing up a wrist, knee, and shoulder.

At 48, I just finished blowing up a wrist, knee, and shoulder.

:naughty::D:D ..........Kev what happened :naughty::D

sorry to here about that :cry:

Ouch, what happend???

YoungGun... Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it got the opposite arm and won't affect your love life too much :naughty:

take this time to reflect on life and get that bike perfectly shiny! :naughty:

LMAO! Thanks shakeyhands! I needed a good laugh.

Interesting that a guy with a sign on name like "Shakyhands" would offer that advise......

All kidding aside, so sorry to hear that you are injured. I broke my ankle last 4th of July. It really sucks to be on the injured list. I hope you heal quickly and fully. Relax and don't rush, the first couple of times that I rode after my injury were too soon. It wasn't fun, so don't be a a big hurry. Rehab well, and then hop back on the bike a kick ass...


Went to the doctors today to but the hardcast on. But my arm had a 20 degree bend in it and it had to be set. Well they didnt num it or anything, the doctor just got both arms and pushed it in opposit directions to bend the bone back to the way it should and POP and OUCH my bone snapped back and I guess it is where it should be. It looks a lot better on the x-rays. The crack isnt so wide and the bone is straight. I did not know you could bend a bone with your hands that way. LOL

hea lup

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