drz400s leaking oil ??....

Hi all!

Today a friend and I put my supermoto wheels on my 2002 drz400-s.

My friend took it out for a spin, did a few wheelies and stoppies, and when he brought it back it was leaking oil. I couldn't see where it was coming from but it stopped after a few minutes. I washed the bike and took it around the block a few times --- no oil leaking. I checked the oil - pleanty in the bike. He lives about a mile from my dorms. On the way to the dorms I rode conservatively, and it's leaking oil again.

the bike is a 2002 model, only 1300 miles on it. Anyone have ideas or places I should look?

I assume he didn't fall over with it and crack one of the magnesium cases.

But the other common area, would be the counter shaft seal.

That would be the number 1 area I'd suspect first, and investigate if leaking in that area.

No tip-overs, engine cases are in-tact.

I'll do some poking around and see if the couter shaft is the problem

I'd suggest finding the leak before you ride any more. Otherwise you may end up wrong side up from your own oil.....or a small leak could become catastrophic and before you know it :naughty:

Not sure if this would be it, but I was riding a few weeks ago, and when I was almost home, I noticed the nut and washer that hold on my front sprocket had actually fallen off, allowing the sprocket to slide a bit out on the spindle or whatever that rod is called. hahah. but yeah, the piece behind the sprocket seemed to move out a bit, and all I know is my bike lost almost all of its oil in a matter of two or three blocks, just about the same time the sprocket came totally off of the threads and caused me to not be able to drive in any gear (I thought it was stuck in neutral, or something crazy broke on my bike) but after pushing that part back in behind the sprocket, there was no other leaks, even after refilling, and running through all the gears for a while. Weird right?

It's a common issue with the DRZ...

The CS sprocket needs to be removed and re-installed with red Loctite on both the CS splines and threads to prevent it working loose. If this preventive maintenance is not performed, there is a very good chance the nut will work loose (despite the lock washer), and cause the CS oil seal to leak profusely, and need to be replaced.

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