Suspension problems????

This afternoon I sat on my '94 XR600 to start it and when I got off the bike the suspension never came back up. It is compressed and won't move down ant further and I can not get it to come back up. It is like it is a rigid, with no suspension. It is definitely riding low in the rear. I have taken a rubber mallet to the linkage to see if it was binding up with ho luck. It rode fine last weekend. Any ideas whether it may be the linkage or the shock. Thanks, Walt :naughty:

Broken spring???

I guess it could be either, but I would take the linkage apart and remove the swingarm first (before tearing the shock apart) and check the condition of the bearings, bushings and bolts etc.

Yeah, Disasemble the rear suspension, inspect all parts and check your shock while its out, I'm sure you'll find the problem..........

I got it figured out finally :naughty: . I loosened the top shock mount bolt under the seat and I was able to pull up on the rear fender area and unscrew the bolt by hand, and once the bolt was removed I could pick the rear of the bike up several inches with no problems, and the linkage is as smooth as can be. It is definitely the shock/spring. this is what I hoped would be the case. The last thing I wanted to deal with was a bent swingarm and/or linkage/bearings. I was going to have the shock rebuild soon anyway for Vegas to Reno in Oct. Thanks for everyones help. I had taken a few good falls at speed recently and was worried I may have twisted the linkage up, since I've never had a shock collapse on me like that. Too much BIG AIR on the 600 I guess :D:naughty: I have used these guys before and they do great work. Keith at

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