Power Now in TTR 125

I was reading in the yz400, yz426, yz450 pages in checking out the opinions on the power now. A lot of people claim easier starting and better throttle response right off of idle. I looked at pricing and it ranged from $39.99 to $80.00. Looking at the components, I thought I can do that for free so that is what I did fifteen minutes ago. I run my bike a tad on the rich side because I'm using a Uni Pod filter (eliminates 2lb. airbox) which brings in a good amount of air. I have been experiencing a stumble off of idle and longer warm up times because of the rich setting, however, once warm and going the bike is definitely ready. I took some tin and cut it to proper dimension to allow it to be wedge in the filter boot and inserted on the other end into the carb about 1/2". After installing &fastening the filter to the carb I fired the bike up. To my surprise it warmed up faster and all but eliminated that slight stumble off of idle. I didn't ride the bike as it was on the stand. The carb performance was a lot better and the increased air velocity complimented the increased fuel flow for greater starting and low end, off idle snap....woohoo :naughty: I only used one sleeve so that top end didn't fall flat but more than one sleeve will increase off idle performance even more. For those experiencing the same condition that I was and looking for more take off snap consider this upgrade.


I didn't reinvent the wheel or anything but the savings ($) are awesome and I know how dirtbikers are always seeking more performance....thanks for your response and give it a try. I've done a lot of upgrades to my bike and for what it is, it rips!

Wow i'll have to look into that. It sounds great.

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