Hi, I'm trying to get into motocross. I was wondering what I should do to get prepped for it. I ride a mountain bike all the time and I'm doing around 70 miles a week. I'm close to 6' 1" at 140 pounds. Anything i should really focus on? Thanks for the help. Ryan

Cardio, and weight training if you have not done that allready. But it sounds like your in pretty decent shape. How strong are you? Muscle wise, do you workout? If not I would hit up the gym and try that out. these bikes are a lot heavier then a mountain bike. They take a lot more strenght and endurance to throw around and controll.

I dont work out but I do have weights in the basement. I ride a yamaha ttr-225 right now so im deff use to the weight because that thing is a LOAD to handle. I can throw that around fine but I dont know how heavy that is to a race bike. I run once and a while but i bike way more.

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