bike wont stay running

I need help.

Just rejetted as per Burned's specs on the BSR 36 carb. Needle is on 4th clip. About 500 feet above sea level in Vancouver BC. 150 main, 25 pilot. Did 3*3 mod, opened up exhaust, cleaned air filter. I have a Kientech extended screw.

I can start the bike up on full choke with idle cranked way up. It runs really strong for a few mins and then it all of the sudden bogs and dies. I can't start it off choke, and it doesn't want to run off choke. The battery is getting sapped but I have a charger.

I cannot keep it running and I cannot go from full choke to off choke without losing the engine. I think I did a fine job or the carb, what am I doing wrong?

Is there a positive stop in the idle speed adjuster either full left or right?

What should I do about the airscrew?



what made you go with a 150 main, that seems very rich and I'm at same elevation?

But sounds like something besides that, do you have the vacume line to tank connected. what about the tiny oring under the carb top cap

I think you have a couple jetting recipies mixed up :naughty:

Are you using the DJ needle?

what other mods have you done to bike?exhaust,cams,ect?????

main jet to rich and you dont have the vacuum line to the petcock hooked up.

This may or may not be related, but i had the same problem and it turned out to be a clogged up idol jet.I cleaned it out, reinstalled it, and it fired right up AND KEPT RUNNING!

sorry i meant 140 main, and it was the damn vacuum line, it popped off during an install. Now the bike runs like a raped ape!

thanks Burned!

It's hard to adjust though, even witht the kientech screw. what's a good setting to start out with and then try turning in (or out)

PS: burned, your jetting ****ing rocks man!

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