Kritters' beefier footpeg arm install

Sure looks the job!!!....he needs a Eurpoean distributor!!!!....

Nice job.... :naughty:

LMAO on the last pic............... :naughty:

the boss that you filed down appears hammered maybe its just the picture. Did the peg fit snug before bolting it? It should take a little effort to get the washer behind it on the back side...shoudnt need to be grinded though. I will double check my fixture.

Glad you like it. That new front bolt has some special coating too that shouldnt rust like black oxide does.


The boss was not hammered. The boss was either uneven or I was drilling slightly downward or both. There was some space between the bracket and boss up top but none at the bottom to allow for the washer to be inserted. A little filing is all it took. The peg arm bracket fit so snugly that I had to tap the stock shim in with a small hammer. All in all a very easy job.



Gotcha...just wanted to make sure you werent doing any extra work.

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