Who made the first 4 valve Cycl. head??

Was it:





Can any of you guys help me out with this one? I'm taking a motorcycle safety course for cheaper insurance, and this is one of the bonus questions. Thanx a bunch

Specifically, on a bike?


I can't say for sure, but I owned a 1980 CB750f, and 4 valve heads were all new....I can't remember whether Ducati had them before that, but wouldn't be surprised.

Did a quick seach and found a artical about Honda's RC110, 50cc works road racer. It had 4 valve. It was built in 1962. Pretty wild unit. First version turn 13500 RPMs. The second turned 16000 RPMs. With a top speed of 90 MPH.

Although it is not in your list. Harley Davidson built a DOHC V twin, 4 valve bike in 1920.


Well, thanks for the info guys! I am temped to think its Ducati or Norton, they have both been around for a long time too, and I have never heard of Rudge. Maybe I will go with Norton...what do you think, good guess?

"...1912 Peugeot L76. This was the first car in the world to have an engine with four camshafts and four valves per cylinder."



Excellent! Thanks guys. :naughty:

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