I just turned gold!

It's quite OT but I wanted to post it here since it's in the WR4xx forum that I read-post most of the time. Not that it's something so important (talking about this post count), but I thought that it could be a good occasion to thank TT, you guys, and all members for everything I've learned so far by reading and chatting and also for endless laughs I had reading some of your posts. :D I also met a great friend and riding partner: Sylvain. We plan to have a great season. Hey Sylvain, my wife and my parents just gave me some $$ in advance for father's day. Guess what? I'm buying a trailer man! :naughty:

Also, chatting on TT allowed me to start some mechanic jobs on my bike that I would have never done if I had not known I could count on you when questions arise.

Here is one cool souvenir I have about TT.

One day, I was thinkin about the dream I have to make a US tour with my cousin to ride some of the best US tracks and see the desert.... Since we still can't do it, (not enough cash, kids.. jobs) I thought I could go to the AMA website and see if we could make a samller trip to assist a GNCC race somewhere not too far in the Northeast.. just to tame our enthousiasm a little bit for that year. As I read the races location and abbreviations of the states (always two letters: AZ= Arizona, CA=Califoria), I come to read the abb of this state that has 3 letters :D:naughty: Then, the most seriously one can be, I start a thread on TT that looked like this : http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=67880&highlight=TBA


This's got to be the one time I've looked the dumbest on TT. :D


Dude, that is funny. I think we all have posted some dumb shizit at one time or another. I know that sometimes I get in a goofy mood and just want to post odd stuff. Anyway, congrats on the gold, and I for one have enjoyed sharing the WR forum with you too. Take it easy. Black N Blue.

Who cares if you or I look stupid once in a while?

Thats funny. I used to work at a place and tba was tires, battery's and accessories.

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