front brakes sticking

:naughty: hi, i'm new to quads, but very mechanically inclined so if any one has some ideas i'm willing to try. here is the situation. i just purchased the quad used, only has about 3 hours or use, it a yamati ( i know a no name, but the price was right) 250cc automatic with electric start, reverse etc. the front brakes keep getting stuck, and the brake handle is very hard, it almost seems like a check valve inline with the brake system, it is disc brakes. some suggested to bleed the brakes, i did and it did not seem to help, the only way to frre it up is to open the banjo fitting by the master cyclender or the one where it splits in two for the two brake calipers. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance


Sorry you own a quad, Is the piston working in the brake calipar?

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