xr400 pipe

looking to get and after market exaust for my 2000 xr400, i'm gonna put a unifilter in it also. My question is what pipe is good, and still not too loud. Dose anyone have the "fmf powercore 4" on their 400? :naughty:

I have a '99 XR4, I replaced the stock spark arrestor with the HRC SA, then put in the Baja Baffle. It breathes much better now and it keeps the db's down too :naughty:

btw - ThumperTalk can sell you both the HRC SA and Baja Baffle - better prices too !


My Friend has the Powercore on his XR4. WAY TOOO Loud. I dont recommend it. Oh and another thing. My XR4 with a quieter FMF megamax is quieter and faster. Granted I am about 30-40 lbs lighter too.

The whitebrothers e-series pipe comes with a free high flow filter. They may be a little loud though.

I've got the E-Series 2 muffler on my '03 xr 400....AND IT IS NOT loud....just a little 411 for ya......and I have concerns as well for being TOO loud in the SF's. :naughty:

I have the FMF Powercore 4 Q (Quiet series). It added a lot to the midrange and little to the low. And it's not loud. I have the older one and it needs to be repacked once in awhile but the newer model I beleive is better for not needing to repack as often.

On a side note I was not going to get an exhaust but my wife bought it for me for christmas.

I would recomend just opening the stock and stay with that.

I took out the stock insert and put in the Honda spark arrester that BD sells. I jetted for altitude. The noise is like an xr should sound and not obnoxious. It's quieter than my xr650 that has a White bros on it.

"I would recomend just opening the stock and stay with that."

i just think the stock is ugly and not super cool like me, thanks for all the replys :naughty:

I had a PC4 on my bike. I went back to the stock exhaust w/ the vortip end. The FMF is obnoxiously loud. I put the quiet insert in it and it only quieted down a little. Not worth the effort. I did loose a little bottom end, but well worth the quieter sound.

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