valve adjust gone wrong

it has been a bad bad day. got the valves adjusted and i dropped one if the cam clips down the cam chain hole. what the hell do i do now.

Magnet might work

A long magnet or a long magnetic screwdriver. I did the same thing about six weeks ago. Someone in an earlier thread was saying you may be able to get at it by removing the stator cover. I pulled the head and cylinder at that time because I thought I should look at the top end anyway.

Good luck with it and take your time.

well i pulled the head and cyl. got the part out no prob. bike has a crap load of hours on it. should i put a new pistion and rings on since its open? do i need to have the cyl polished?

Well if you have the jack I say it's always a good time for a new top-end. To do it right I would say you need to at the very least have the cylinder honed out. I learned a hard lessen not to long ago in that you should always buy your new piston and rings before honing or boring the cycl. Then you can have your job done based on the actual size of the piston you purchase. They are all a little different.Think about going up at least 2 sizes if you plan to re bore because the walls are never perfectly straight and 2 size over will get you the brand new holy crap I can't believe this is the same bike effect. Good luck glad to hear you got your piece out. Bet you will be alittle more careful next time. :naughty:

I stuffed a rag all around the cam chain before pulling the the cams out just so that wouldn't happen. Your local dollar store may have one of those telescopic

magnets . I'd try that.

Can you just put rings on it like a 2 stroke

Can you just put rings on it like a 2 stroke

Not recommended. The place where the rings sit in the piston also wear so if you are planning on doing it, do it right. Otherwise you will be doing it all again at a greater expense. I would also recommend sending the cylinder to a shop that specializes in motorcycles instead of your local machine shop. They will do a better job.

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