Remove rear shock????

Ok, how hard is it to remove the rear shock on my 99? It's leaking oil, I wanna take it back to the states for a rebuild in may... maybe some tweaking. Sorry, still no manual.

Mark Sheldon :naughty:

I beleive you have to take the subframe off first to get at the shock

Seat, rear guard, subframe.

simple to do, just have to put bike on a stand, take off the seat, sidepanels and subframe. There is only two bolts holding the shock on, you should probably take the linkage off and re grease the bearings while the shock is off, its a simple job to do, there is 2 plugs in the swingarm, remove them and take the bolt out.

If you take the linkage off make sure you loosen the bolt under the plugs in the swing arm FIRST. If not the swing will move up every time you try to loosen the nut.

Thanx ya'll


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