Taking Doubles?

I am new to doubles and I am not sure on how to take a set of them. I could do a small double if there is only one but I am not to sure on how you would keep your momentum up to clear the next double. Any information would be helpful.

as long as you feel comfortable and are carrying enough momentum you should be fine. if you dont think you have enough speed or momentum to clear the second one, then just before you land the first double rev the engine so the back wheel spins faster and that could give you a little extra speed when you land to clear the second one. how big are they by the way?

Also, be sure you are looking where you want to land, not where you are jumping from.

If its a whole new track that you have never been on, take it slow first time out and roll them to get a feel for them. The during the race, just stick it in third, pin it, and see what happens. HAHA. But on a serious note, just carry momentum and stay in control. The worst thing you could do is hit a jump out of control. Believe me!

The key to doubles one right after another is to land them smooth. If you land each one good its alot easier to keep/gain momentum for the next one. Learn to land that first one good and when you feel comfortable and landed smooth, roll on the gas and go for the 2nd.

you have to go as fast as you can and clear both doubles at once, problem solved. :naughty:

Haha make it a quadruple.... on a serious note, there is a set of 2 15ft doubles at my local track that are about 20ft out of a turn. I basically have my bike pinned from teh apex of the turn till im through it. Every now and then I come up a little short but always stay in control of the bike.

Where's Gary Semics?

Talk to the ggod riders about gear selection, listen to ther engine revs, in particular how much blip they give on take off. Watch thier body psition...Jumping out the side can be a good way of gauging speed..... Then .........Take the first double. then brake and roll the next few repeat that till you have the first double down pat. Once your smooth on the first you will be so confident about the next. Shift your focus to watching the good riders land the first and jump the second set..... Sorry but the second requires committment and risk. Once you start it try not to back out.

My last few laps at the track today I tried that section I mentioned earlier again. I reved the engine with the clutch in to get it up in the powerband and nearly dumped the clutch, im sure it was hard on the clutch but that was the best I have cleared that section yet. Im hoping I'll find a way that is less harsh on the bike though.

bubba scruuuuub

Wait, doesnt he to that to scrub speed so that he can hit a jump fast and not over clear it? Or do I have it mixxed up?

Wait, doesnt he to that to scrub speed so that he can hit a jump fast and not over clear it? Or do I have it mixxed up?

yeah thats pretty much it, that and so he spends less time in the air so he can get back on the gas quicker...

The first time i'm going to take a double i'm going to pin it and never let of. Overshooting it is much better than hitting the face...

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