Homemade HRC tip

Well I took my stock tip and drilled all the way around the inner baffle. Punched through with a chisel on two to fit in my sawzall blade and went to town. Finshed it off with a die grinder. Looks good made about the same power as the Big Gun that was on it. (On EBAY tomorrow night) Sounds like an Enduro bike should.


How loud is it .......... :naughty:

Got any piccies of it?

I kinda figured on doing the same thing. I've got my tip laying around. Please give a link to the auction, I'm interested to see how it does.

HRC tip

It has a pretty throaty sound. I like it.


How loud is it .......... :naughty:

It is much quieter than the Big gun. I would say it would probably pass CA's 96 decible test

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