05 XR650L Tach.

Evening all

Has anyone come across a suitable Tach for the 650L ?


These here are simple and seem to work pretty good. standard or commercial

I have tried the honda version of those tachs. They are slow to react, by the time it reads the rpm you have already shifted. The Honda versions were intended for boat motors and water craft. I have looked for an analog tach for my "L" for years and just flat gave up. I do not think there is a suitable one out there.


94' XR650L

Gents, Check this out, it's new and can take inputs for temp as well and is programmable. Apparently it became available in Feb, I asked the company if I could buy it direct but they said I would have to go through one of the 2 vendors they list.



What do you think? They also have some digital only versions. All seem to be good units.... I bought a tach from a DR-650 and tried to hook it up but it did not work in any way wired to the BRP electrics.

Thanks for the info

How many RPM's is it spinning at 55-60MPH

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