CRF-450X.... warranty ??

What kind of warranty comes with those bikes ? When I bought mine(525exc) I got 30 days.

I'm asking because someone over here busted the tranny during the first 5 miles he put on the bike... :naughty::naughty:


I got the 60/60 plan.....60ft or 60 seconds which ever comes first!

While there is no official warranty on any of the CRF250/450 bikes, any good Honda dealer will usually work with Honda to repair the bike for free if it's obvious that there was a manufacturing defect. A 5-mile tranny failure sounds like a defect to me. I'd suggest that you not do anything to the bike, but take it immediately back to the dealer for a tear-down.

No warranty.. that blows... I thought that since it was the off-road version it would have had a month or something...


I love your 60/60 plan... :naughty:

thanks guys !


MY 450X came with a 3yr extended warranty for about $200. covers any defective parts in all the usual places. It was offered to me and I'm glad I didn't cheap out.

My KTM came with a six month warranty. Canada must be different.

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