Comparision between WR360 and TE350?

Hi guys, just found this forum looking for some info on the loved Husky's.

I do have a question regarding two bikes. I know this is specifically for Fours, so i hope im not stepping out of line here. :naughty:

I am looking at Buying a Husky from between 93-95. But im undesided between what model would suite me best? A WR360 or TE350, price wise they are very similare.

But what of ride quality, Ive only ever owned one trail bike 84 TS250 while the rest have been on MX's. Riding either bike shouldnt be an issue. im 6 foot 2" So the extra height should also be helpfull.

My main concern is Power! or more so the Lack of it! Having not riddin for a while, Ive missed the whole four stroke dominance scene, So im concerned that the TE will be a bit of a slug (geez is that fair, using the two words together Harsh/ Husky)

The bike will be used for mostly work travelling purposes, with the odd weekend trail ride.

Whats your thoughts guys? Have you guys owned either bikes?

Thanks for you input. and thumbs up to the creators of this Forum :naughty:


Welcome to the TT Husky Forum ! I recently traded in my 92 TE350. I owned the bike for about 2 years and loved it. I never had any problems with it that I did'nt create myself. As far as power goes, there is always that certain circumstance when you could use more power but my bike had enough power for my "C" class cowtrail riding. I've never rode a WR360, I'm assuming that would be a 2-stroke. The WR would have more power, and be lighter. As for the TE, rock solid engine, very predictable power, easy to ride and bulletproof. And here in the US, the TE would get alot of looks from people saying "whats that?". Usually with a twinkle in their eye. And comments about the dual exhause cans. For a 92 4-stroke, the TE was fairly trick. It is a bit chunky, I think it tipped the scale at close to 280 lbs.

Can't go wrong with the TE350.........Good Luck


If you're travelling to work any distance (on the road) the fourstroke would be more practical. It would be smoother and eat less fuel. In comparison the WR would feel insanely fast - monster torque and midrange power - still very usable and high fun factor, just more care required with the throttle hand.

I had a 93 360 2 strk. I absolutely loved the motor and tranny. I was coming off a 125 and learned throttle control in a hurry. Like arjay said, torque and low/midrange power. Really no more top end than a 250. For any road uses, it does have a 6 speed and 3+ gallon tank (at least the WXE had the big tank). The stock gearing would work well on most roads. Weighs in around 228 lbs. I liked the bike so much I sold it to a good friend and bought an '02 360. Same motor and tranny as the 93. Before my 125, I had generally been a 4 stroke guy. The WR is very 4 stroke like. Hard to stall, best ridden a gear high for smooth power. In my mind, more power and 50 less pounds is hard to beat, get the 2 strk.


Guys your input has been a huge help. thanx.

I figured the TE would/ is a nice bike (For what info i could drag up). And the WR sounds like a tone of fun too:P being a bit of a power feind myself, I like the idea of the WR for the time beeing, From there i'll most likely look into a late model TE 400.

More weight is a real kill joy ive found too, (Read TS250) Thanxs a million guys.

keep the front wheel up :Y: From Australia


If you get the 360 do your self a favor and check out the decompresion head to ease starting from R and D Husky in Sydney,makes starting like a 125.


Hey thanx for the Advise vince.

Do they become a hand full to start? (when hot)

And do yoy know of any Shop that offer the Head in Queens Land (Sunny Coast) Vince?

Theyr'e not hard to start hot at all. Just takes a well timed boot on that short kicker to get it to fire up. I was never able to start mine from sitting, always had to leap up off the seat. It can be a pain in tough spots. The good thing is the kicker bottoms on the peg. R & D is the only place to get the decompression head. I have the decompression head on my '02 360. I can sit down, type, and start the bike with that mod. Really opens up your enjoyment. My knee loves it. As far as hot starting, I've had mine smoking hot, upside down, inside out, always starts. I won't say it too loud in here, but I think it's cause its a 2 stroke.

I dont have a 360,from what I hear they have some compression

and if they are like the 250 the kicker is short and high.No I dont know a specific Queensland shop,but I would assume it would not

be hard to fit.Its supposed to be like kicking a 125 and the best mod to do.I have a TE 350 92, is dead reliable,altho commuting is a

big ask,no oil pump on the 4 strokes till quite late in the run maybe 2000,its going to stuff the tyres running on the road a lot.

Ahhhhr, the old stumpy kick starters, I'd forgoten that the Sweeds/ Italian liked those :D

It'll be some thing i'll have to keep in mind, Thanxs for the help guys.

And never feer Colemanapp, your secreats safe with me mate :naughty: Hehehe. I'll never tell.

I never thought I could get so much info on the old Huskys, Did I see some were That Husqvarna should have there own Forum? Sounds good. Unless they made a section for the Two Strokes :D

There must be a calling for it?

Any way Guys, im stoked at the Help. I'll be comming back for sure. :naughty:

Keep those front wheels up :D


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