Found the BIG problem.

Well the Big problem ended up being a little problem. :naughty: After swapping the CDI and coil with a friends KLX, they ended up being OK. so the next thing I checked was the stator coil, It ended up having a little brass hair shorting the white wire to the cover. The clearance is about .012. The Brass hair/wire got there, from me using a brass cleaning brush to clean the cylinder base gasket ,off of the case. I will not do that again! :naughty: Anyway the bike runs GREAT! Thanks for all the input!

That's got to be a big relief. Enjoy the ride.

Good job finding the wire! And thanks for letting us know what you found. Have lots of fun riding.

Ride on


Good find, and thanks for the follow up. I'll see if I can store this nugget of info away so I can avoid a similar pitfall. I doubt I would have the patience to do all the diagnosis you did.

All mechanics need to remember one thing:

When a problem happens, especially after you have worked on the bike, what is the last thing you did?

It will save you sliming Kawasaki, leave some money in your wallet, and cut down on the beer and aspirin consumption.

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